TAIWAN is required for real-name transaction system.

From Mar 16th, All delivery can not be processed for not-confirmed by real--name transaction system.


For delivery in wait, it can be modified by Apr 15th.

so if you confirmed it after 15th, your delivery can not be processed.


*How to do it?

1. Nationality is TAIWAN

     Download EZ Way APP (易利委 APP)

     Type your private information and verify with authentication number.

     After verified completely, it is reported delegation automatically after getting to TAIWAN.

   If your delivery is being investigated at custom clearance, you have to answer for any inquiry via application in 7 days.

   All inquiry can be checked on login.


  A. Confirmed with "Phone number + ID number + Name"
    1) Check if it is same with "ID number + NAME” or not.
    2) If it is, confirm verification with ID number or phone number

    3) Verify real-name transaction and complete


  B. Confirmed with "Phone number + Name"
    1) Check if it is same with information.
    2) Check if is verified real-name transaction with confirmed phone number.

2. Nationality is not TAIWAN
  1) Not required for real-name transaction system.
  2) Contact number is find with other area number.

  3) Type passport No or alien residence card No and report with copy of this certificate and declaration paper by your hand to Taiwan custom.


3. Your name is not Chinese.

Consignee is okay.

But, It should be same in identification card. If is not, verification can not issued..

If above information don’t report or can not be checked, delivery and custom clearance can not be processed. and pls kindly be informed that you’re responsible for any delivery update about this issue.


For any new update, we will inform it here 😊