Point Expiration

We are always grateful to all members
who visit XEXYMIX Global.

We would like to inform you in advance
that all points will be expired
as our mall's contract with the existing hosting company expires and
our mall will be transferred to another company.

We put a lot of effort into linking points,
but it is technically not possible,
so we ask for your understanding
as we have no choice but to inform you of unhappy news.

However, we will do our best to ensure that
you can purchase products of improved quality
at more reasonable prices in the future.

so please use them before the points expire later.

Additionally, please note that
the current membership system is also scheduled to be abolished and
will be changed or discontinued to suit the new mall’s system.


* Please note that points you have will not be transferred
to the newly established mall after they are expired.

If you are an inactive member,
please access the XEXYMIX Global Mall before the expiration date to check and
use your points after releasing the dormancy.

* Points can be checked at ‘MY PAGE’ > ‘MY POINT’
after logging in.

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